What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO

The term SEO has gained wide spread recognition over the last 18 months by zealous marketers looking to make money on the rise of Search Engine usage.  But as we talk to small business owners about Search Engine Optimization, we are finding many mis-informed consumers.  So in order to answer the question, “What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?” we need to clarify a few terms used by Search Engine Marketing companies.  By clarifying the following terms we can start to answer the question posed in this article.

Google’s spider and algorithm

Google’s spider and algorithm is setting the bar for all search engines and directory sites to follow. Google’s spider is a computer program that searches, reads, and indexes everything on the internet. The spider goes to your web page, reads the information there, and clicks on every link on your website, it then reads the information on those pages, and clicks on every link on those pages, and so on. After reading all the information on your site, Google indexes your site in their database. This is where the Algorythym comes into play. Google’s algorithm is their complex process of comparing information they’ve gathered about your company, and determining how to list you in the Google Search Results. Google’s algorithm is kept secret, to protect against competition using it, and to keep spammers from manipulating the search results. One thing we know about Google algorithm is that it is always changing.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is most commonly used to describe a paid online advertising strategy. Examples of Search engine marketing would be hiring a company to do one of the following; Manage your Pay Per Click Advertising, Manage Targeted online ad placement, create and manage Organic SEO strategies, create and manage Local SEO strategies, and/or other general online advertising efforts that get you listed on the first page of major search engines.

Search Engine Placement or SEP

Search Engine Placement or SEP is most commonly used to describe Paid placement on major search engines. The “Sponsored Links” section of the Search Engine’s results page, is where Search Engine Placement companies provide exposure to their clients. The advantage to SEP over SEO is; SEP is the quickest way to get listed on the first page of Major Search engines for any keyword phrase (no matter how competitive that keyword phrase is). This is accomplished by paying more than your competition for clicks.

For example: Let say the keyword phrase “Roofing Contractor” has all (11) sponsored     link slots filled up. To get listed as the 1st link in the sponsored links section, you only     have to pay more than the current #1 is willing to pay… & within 48 hours your listing is on top of page 1.

The disadvantage to SEP is you are only listed as long as you are paying to be listed. Also, studies are showing that about 1/3 of traffic on Google’s search page is clicking on a “Sponsored Link”, which means by far the majority of people searching on Google are clicking on Organic and Local Search Listings.

Organic Search Engine Optimization or Organic SEO

SEO, Local SEO, Google RankingsOrganic Search Engine Optimization or Organic SEO is most commonly used to describe efforts to create multiple sources of content for Search Engine Spiders to read that helps boost a company’s listing in the search results.
Google Organic Search Results are based on information collected by the Google spider, and indexed according to the parameters of the Google Search algorithm.
SEO providers have the job of Identifying what content is considered most relevant to the Google Algorithm. Because SEO providers have to learn their craft through trial and error, it is wise to choose an SEO company that can prove their methods work for your business type. Some examples of different types of SEO strategies:

  • Social Media Marketing & blogging
  • Video Marketing
  • Article writing
  • Press Release and Media outlet submission
  • industry website linking
  • Onsite Optimization (making changes to the content on your website)
  • Valid html in a CSS tabless design (making changes to the html code, “Validated html”)

Local Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO is most commonly used to describe efforts to create content for the Search Engine Spider to read that helps boost a company’s listing in the local search results.
Local Search results is one of the newest developments to hit the Internet, emerging over the last 24 months. Local Search has been widely adopted by people all over the united states, mainly because you don’t have to be in front of a computer to use it. When you search on your mobile phone, or use your GPS navigation system, or even call 411 for information you are tapping into Local search results.
The largest and most used provider of Local Search results is Google. When you search on Google and type in the name of a city or city/state combination Google recognizes you are looking for something in a “Local Area”. The search results page is tailored to your local area. The 1st organic listing is a Map with the “top 8 local Listings” in your area matching your keyword phrase. below those “top 8 Local Listings”, you’ll find the Organic Search Results (top 10 Organic listings).

So… “What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?”

When you ask nuResponse that question we’ll tell you it depends on your company, and how you use the Internet to acquire new customers. SEO is all about acquiring new customers, subscribers, and/or followers. At nuResponse we help business owners grow sales and cut costs through our website tools and Search engine marketing strategies. Our target client requires a mix of Local SEO and Organic SEO. When we’re done, our client is properly indexed in the major search engines, online directories, social media sites, GPS navigation systems, & 411 services. Our client’s web presence is effectively converting online searchers into offline customers! The Internet marketing strategies and website platform we use allow our Small Business Clients to do what they do best… “Run their business!”

We hope you found this information useful in your “Online Marketing Quest”, and would love the opportunity to do what we do best…”Earn Your Business!”

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  1. SEO is about all numbers – links, rankings, pages, algorithms. Each page can target at least two phrases. Instead of shooting for one keyword, shoot for two or more.

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    • Interesting assessment. Of all the search engines it seems that Google is doing the best job of weeding out the spammers or “Fakes” as you call them. Allowing companies that use true white hat SEO tactics to slowly but surely rise to the top!… And once the legitimate companies are getting to the top, they seem to be staying, which is making the search results better.

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    • Jonathon,
      Thanks for the comment. I agree that SEO is for small business. Especially with Local Search, Mobile Search, GPS, & 411… now being aggregated across platforms instead of just single websites. This makes it affordable for small and local business owners.

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